Collapse — Cracks in the Postmaterial Self [Exhibition Catalogue & CI]

for Jenni Schurr


for Jenny Schur (2022)

Exhibition Catalogue / Poster / Business Cards


»In the context of her exhibition „Collapse“, multidisciplinary artist Jenni Schurr deals with the inner turmoil of a consumerist manipulated generation that grew up with the narrative of buyable identity and happiness and is now searching in vain for salvation in the face of ever further crumbling psychological, ecological and social conditions. The social decisions that need to be made by the goverments to preserve the natural basis of life and social cohesion seem to be falling victim to an insurmountable collective lethargy. A reason could be that the necessary solidary self-restraint appears like an act of mental suicide due to the omnipresent consumer promises.«
— Jenni Schurr


Exhibition Catalogue: Grellow & Black on Fedrigoni Arena White Rough 120g
8p, 140x190mm, Loop-hole Saddle Stitch

Poster: Grellow/Black on Fedrigoni Arena White Rough 120g

Business cards: Black/Grellow on Munken Polar Rough 300g, hand-finished by the artist with airbrush colors


Exhibition Catalogue: 50
Poster: 50
Business cards: 200