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Zines, Posters, Postcards, Passports, Donuts
We offer file preparation for your prints at any stage, just let us know where you are at right now.
!!! max. size = A3 !!!
A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, 123x123mm, 1x200mm, 1/2kg, ...
A Riso legend once said:
"Printing with more than two colors is a gimmick!"
Please do not ask for an edition of 1!
!!! Our minimum edition for 1-2 colors is 20, for 3-X colors it's 40 !!!
We stock a variety of papers between 80 - 250g.
You can also bring our own paper if suitable or ask us to order a specific paper.

We offer a range of binding and finishing options and work together with larger print shops to accommodate for what we cannot do ourselves. Don't hesitate to ask for that mystical binding you once came across at this random bookshop 15 years ago.
We have a turnaround time of min. 1 week.
If you need it faster, we charge a Rush fee.