+ The technique behind Riso Printing is called Risography: a stencil duplication process that is the successor of a technological evolution from spirit duplicators and mimeographs.

+ The word is a classic example for a brand name that turned into a generic word (just like to xerox means to make a copy using a copying machine).

+ The machines in question are called risographs
    — or short: Risos

+ The company behind these machines is the Japanese Riso Kagaku Corporation. It still produces its so-called stencil duplicators but it’s a very niche product line.

+ The word Riso (理想) is Japanese and means “ideal” which is a bit ironic considering the flaws the come with Riso printing.

+ It’s pronounced “Riso”.

+ the printing technique that we mainly work with at Risofort

+ a fast way to print posters, postcards, brochures,... in an edition of ~20–1000

+ a tool for aesthetic experimenting and for DIY political empowerment

+ (more or less) good for the environment and your wallet

+ a sometimes painful, sometimes playful way to pass time.

- 100% accurate, uniform, regular or high-gloss

- a printing technique for editions of 20 or less

- the best way to produce a color-accurate print of a photo of your cat

- made for coated paper

- vegan, bio-degradable or other greenwashing that some people like to tell

- You want to print an edition of at least 20 of *something* on uncoated paper 80–300g, A3 max. in 1–4 colors?

- You’re up for experimenting and you like prints that all differ slightly?

- You don’t mind small irregularities?

- You are aware that we @Risofort are a small collective and not Flyeralarm?

Then pretty sure Yes! is the answer.

Our prices depend on the project, that's why we don't have a fixed price list. To get a quote, just send us some info on your planned print project and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

If you need your prints especially quick, we charge a rush fee.
We also offer a student discount, just ask us.
(All prices are excl. 19% sales tax)

- We need greyscale PDFs (300dpi,  600dpi even better).

- Each print color must be a separate file in greyscale.

- We appreciate it if you send a color preview.

- For any questions, you can always e-mail us or come by at our Open Studio!


Nope 🙂

Glad you asked! You can find all our inks & much more in this Color Chart!