Fortitude (Vol. I)

by Jo Rüßmann


by Jo Rüßmann (self published, 2021)


This 24-page comic about love by artist Jo Rüßmann «could just as well be called 'Fantasia on a Tarot Reading By Lou About Mismatched Affection', but it is called Fortitude because that is a good card for these odd times, and it seems like a powerful name for a story.»


Comic: Riso print in Hunter Green
(with tiny amounts of Black left from the former ink in the drum)
Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 120g, saddle stitch binding
Poster: Riso print in Flatallic Gold on Clairefontaine Trophée Forest Green 160g


Edition of 100, 147x205mm, 24 pages
Poster: A3, Edition of 100