Photo profiling tests

for Maik Gräf


by Maik Gräf (2020)

Photo print

By using custom color profiles of the GREAT open-source tool [color/shift], we proofed some very special combinations with photographs from Maik Gräf. It is impossible to accurately take photos of these reproductions (especially the combination with Fluo Pink/Metallic Gold/Black) but believe us when we say, they're absolutely gorgeous.

Profiles used:
- Fluorescent Pink/Metallic Gold/Black
- Light Gray/Black (to achieve a more subtle
Black & White image)
- Yellow, Aqua, Federal Blue


Riso print in Yellow/Aqua/Federal Blue,
Light Gray/Black, Fluo Pink/Metallic Gold/Black
BioTop 80g


Test edition, 3x 297x420mm