Zines & Activism

by Cara Chaos


by Cara (self published, 2020)


ZINES AND ACTIVISM is a »real« old-school zine, printed using our Riso’s Glass Platen. »Why a zine?« Cara asks on the first pages and the answer is obvious: »This is my attempt at making my work accessible to the community I’m talking about. I have copied and rewritten the most important parts of my thesis to be less academic and hopefully more easy to read and collected them in this zine.«
Zines are about accessibility, about community and about DIY and although Risofort probably isn’t as cheap as photocopying at school or university, essentially our goal is to make printing tools available for everyone!


Riso print in Fluorescent Pink and Aqua
BioTop 120gsm, transclucent cover


Edition of 50, 148 x 210mm, 40 pages


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